Stem Cell·Regenerative Medicine

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National Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Application Procedures


  • Human embryonic stem cell line is a product of embryo research
  • To remove the obstacles originated from doubts about stem cell lines
  • To stimulate stem cell research by providing information about stem cell lines and finally by running stem cell bank


  • Started from 2007 by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Integrated in the revised Bioethics & Safety Act (Feb. 1, 2012 revision of a part)
  • Enforced from Jan 1, 2010

Registration of Stem Cell Lines

  • Anyone who has established or imported stem cell lines shall register those lines to the Ministry of Health and Welfare (CDC/NIH) before he/she provides them or uses them.
  • Stem cell lines should be registered are human embryonic stem cell lines established from spare embryo, SCNT or parthenogenesis.