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National Brain Biobank of Korea (NBBK)

  • The National Brain Biobank of Korea is being established to collect advanced brain and human body resources with antemortem clinical data, such as brain imaging scans, and postmortem pathological information and provide them to basic and clinical researchers to activate Korea’s dementia research.
  • The National Brain Biobank of Korea Network, which is composed of Samsung Medical Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Pusan National University Hospital, and Myongji Hospital, collects brain research resources and conducts specialized research for such purposes as dementia diagnosis standardization based on neuropathology using brain imaging scans of brain banks, building a brain autopsy registry, and standardizing dementia diagnosis based on bodily fluid biomarkers.
  • This is an infrastructure project to support research to overcome dementia. It involves obtaining the integrated comprehensive data of clinical information that have been accumulated for one to ten years from brain disease patients before their death (age, gender, neuropsychological test results, blood test results, etc.), human body resources (sera, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and DNA), brain imaging scans (MRI and PET), and pathology analysis of brain tissue in cooperation with multi-institutional cohort businesses. As of January 2022, 151 brains have been obtained and 1,244 people have signed up for brain donation.

National Brain Biobank of Korea

National Brain Biobank of Korea

Dementia cohort - Community cohort, Hospital-based cohort, Praecox cohort, Brain disease cohort

Local partner hospitals - Nursing facilities, University hospitals

Brain donation registration, Normal / Dementia Patient - Collection

Follow-up study - Postmortem brain autopsy

Clinical information such as neuropsychological tests, PET, MRI, DNA, Blood tests, Cerebrospinal fluid

Follow-up study, Comparison analysis

Postmortem brain tissues, Autopsy diagnosis (Neuropathological analysis)

Donation, Collection

National Biobank of Korea, National Brain Biobank of Korea

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Current Status of National Brain Biobank of Korea

Current Status of National Brain Biobank of Korea - Organizer, Project Leader, Project period, Homepage
Organizer Samsung
Midecal Center
Seoul National
University Hospital
Pusan National
University Hospital
Project Leader Pf. Sang-Won Seo
Pf. Hee-jin Kim
Pf. Sung Hey Park Pf. Eun-Joo Kim Pf. Hyun Jeong Han
Project period ‘2016~ ‘2017~ ‘2018~ ‘2021~
Homepage http://www.kbrainbank.org http://brainbank.snuh.org http://pnuhbrainbank.org Website under
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