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Deputy Minister's Message

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Greetings and a very warm welcome to the Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH).

The Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH), as Korea’s premier national research institute, creates knowledge and technologies to help overcome infectious and chronic diseases and produces scientific evidence for the health authorities to develop health policies. As part of the efforts to build an ecosystem for biomedical innovation, the KNIH also provides diverse research resources and data for researchers in the private sector and promotes health research

It is on the cutting edge of research in key areas, including infectious diseases, chronic diseases, genom sciences, and public vaccine development. Its ultimate mission is to build the foundation for a healthy Korea.

The public health and Biomedical R&D area faces many challenges during the prolonged COVID-19 crisis around the world and threat of new infectious diseases.


In order to respond to the epidemic of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, we are striving to establish a rapid and accurate diagnostic system and research and develop various vaccines and therapeutics. The government has established the 'National Institute of Infectious Diseases', which will elevate the level of Korea's R&D and response capabilities in the field of infectious diseases to the next level..


We will use big data and new IT technologies to improve our disease prediction ability, as well as clinical and basic research on chronic diseases. Towards that end, we will reinforce our governance to more effectively work together with the private health care sector.


We will spare no support for our internal researchers by expanding investment in education to facilitate advanced R&D innovations and nurture new talent in the medical science field for greater global competitiveness.

We will do our best to contribute to improving the quality of life of Koreans and extending their healthy life expectancy through all policies and research that we promote. I hope this website serves as an open space to share and communicate the Korea National Institute of Health’s vision, research results, and medical science information.

Director of the Korea National Institute of Health

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