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Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision

KNIH Strategic Plan for disease control R&D

We highlight the causes of diseases and develop the knowledge and technologies needed to overcome them for humankind and future generations. We will foster a disease-free world by devising effective preventive, diagnostic, management, and treatment measures for diseases.


Disease and health research for humankind and the future generations

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Organisation’s Goals

  • Precision Medicine

    Reinforce disease research to lead precision medicine

  • Chronic Diseases

    Research on chronic diseases throughout life to extend healthy life years

  • Infectious Diseases

    Bolster R&D competence to conquer infectious diseases to ensure the safety of the public

  • Research Infrastructure

    Establish a foundation to produce and expand research achievements


Fulfil mission

To develop scientific evidence for disease management
  • 1-1Establishment a foundation for biobigdata
  • 2-1Facilitate scientific evidence-based on clinical intervention and implementation studies
  • 3-1Develop technologies to manage legally designated infectious diseases
  • 4-1Strengthen research planning and performance

Respond to the need

To conduct basic research to promote public interest and awareness
  • 1-2High added values for national public health resources
  • 2-2Establish a basic for public health research to conquer chronic diseases
  • 3-2Secure technologies that selectively respond to novel and variant infectious diseases
  • 4-2Establish a safety network for biological scientific technology


to develop technologies to respond to future disease risks
  • 1-3Promote precision medicine research and foundations
  • 2-3Secure technologies to prevent and manage chronic diseases in preparation for the future
  • 3-3Bolster foundation for on-site care (e.g., diagnosis, treatment, vaccines)
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