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Official announcement on international collaborative research for vector-borne viral diseases in East-Asia sponsored by Korea National Institute of Health, KCDC

Update 06.04.2023


The Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH), a research organization under the Korea Diseases Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) is devoted for promoting the public health through the research on infectious and non-infectious diseases.

In last few years, the incidence rate for vector-borne viral infections including Japanese encephalitis, Dengue, Zika has significantly increased in southeastern countries and expanded to other continents by several factors including climate exchange, globalization, viral mutation. Recently the novel emerging tick-borne diseases such as SFTS has reported in Vietnam, Taiwan. From the experience with ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, it has given ensuring the global health threaten by high-risk pathogen such as Nipha and novel infectious diseases.

Therefore KNIH would like to implement a cooperative research for the serological survey on novel tick-borne viral diseases in southeastern countries and evaluating the KNIH-developing diagnostic system. On the other hand, KNIH intend to establish the international research based laboratory for developing the therapeutics and vaccine candidates against high-rick infectious diseases occurred overseas counties.


[Details of the Project]

1. Title:

Establishment of research base center in East-Asia through international collaborative research for vector-borne emerging infectious diseases

2. Funding:

Annual fund for Southeastern Country (Institute) will be provided about USD 46,000 (KRW 60,000,000) per year. The final budget will be adjusted with the results of evaluation


3. Research period : 2023 (after the contract) December 2025

(1st Year) 2023. after the contract December 31 2023

(2nd Year) January 1 2024 ~ December 31 2024

(3rd Year) January 1 2025 ~ December 31 2025



4. Objectives (Field of Interesting):

- Study on serological survey of tick-borne viral infections, particular SFTS

   . Collecting and securing the clinical sample from unknown febrile patients

   . Processing the clinical specimens and evaluation of KNIH-developed diagnostic method


 - Establishment and Strengthen the international collaboration against emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as Nipha, in East-Asia region

 - Sharing of research resources including clinical specimens, pathogens, and genetic materials

 - Enforcement of capacity through training of staff and/or sharing the practical experience between both agencies



 5. Affiliation: Government Institute, University, Hospital, etc


6. Reporting system

The application should be written in MS word English and submitted before 12 April, 2023 via e-mail


< Address for Airmail >

Division of Emerging Virus & Vector Research

Center for Emerging Virus Research, National Institute of Health

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency

TEL : +82-43-719- 8510 FAX : +82-43-719-8519, email :limhy0919@korea.kr