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Korea National Stem Cell Bank

Korea National Stem Cell Bank (KSCB) is a biorepository of the human pluripotent stem cell lines. To be the world`s leading class as an infrastructure supporting regenerative medicine, the bank provides the high quality stem cells and related information for regenerative medicine. The bank will compliance with standards of bioethics and safety regulations.



  • Application form for deposition

Korea National Stem Cell Bank

  • Receives the application form
  • Receives the stem cells
  • Analyses the basic characteristics
  • Review of steering committee
  • Exchange of deposit contract

Steering Committee

  • Oversees bank activities

Cell lines available from the bank

Collection of Pluripotent Stem Cells (‘21.05)

Collection of Pluripotent Stem Cells - Type, Number, Note
Type Number Note
hESC 19
hiPSC 50
  • KNIH-developed line 26
  • HLA-homozygote line 23
  • Disease specific line 5 (Eye disease 2, CMT 3)
  • GFP-tagged line 4
  • Parthenogenic line 3

Available PCS lines for Distribution (‘21.05)

Collection of Pluripotent Stem Cells - Type, Cell Name, Note
Type Cell Name Note
hiPSC hFmiPS1
CMC-hiPSC-003 HLA-homozygote
CMC-hiPSC-005 HLA-homozygote
CMC-hiPSC-009 HLA-homozygote
CMC-hiPSC-011 HLA-homozygote
CMC-hiPSC-022 HLA-homozygote
CMC-003i-Nestin.EGFP HLA-homozygote(Endodem-specific)
CMC-003i-Pdx1.EGFP HLA-homozygote(Endodem-specific)
Disease-Specific hiPSC DKH005i-A Eye disease(Senior Loken Syndrome)
DKH090i-A Eye disease(Leber congenital amaurosis)

Deposition Information

Please contact the Korea National Stem Cell Bank (KSCB)

  • e-mail : nscb@korea.kr
  • Phone : +82-43-249-2518
  • Website : http://nih.go.kr/ncsr

KSCB International Collaboration


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The GMP Manufacturing facility

The GMP Manufacturing facility which is belonged to the National Center for Stem Cell and Regerative Medicine (NCSR) was opened in 2016 to accelerate clinical research of the stem cell and regenerative medicine field. In addition to manufacturing and distribution of iPSC sources that can be used for clinical research, we support manufacture of cell therapeutics for clinical research. Recently, by starting a GMP training course for manufacture of advanced regenerative therapeutics, we expect that the GMP market will be facilitated.


  • GMP Manufacturing and Supply of GMP Grade hiPCS Cell lines
  • Contract Manufacturing Service of Cell Therapeutics for Clinical Research
  • Contract Quality Test Service of of Cell Therapeutics for Clinical Research

Detailed Service

  • GMP Manufacturing of Cell Therapeutics for Clinical Research
  • GMP Quality Test of Cell Therapeutics for Clinical Research
  • MCB/WCB Banking of Cell Therapeutics for Clinical Research
  • GMP Training
  • GMP Consulting

GMP Manufacturing Facilities

  • Total area : 5,181㎡ (5 story building)
  • GMP area : 1,620㎡ (3rd floor)
GMP Manufacturing Facilities - Floors, Cell Name
Floors Cell Name
5 AHUs
4 Maintenance Floor
3 Production, QC Lab, Warehouse
2 Cell Bank, R&D Lab, Office
1 Meeting room, BMS room
B1 Mechanical, Electrical

GMP Manufacturing Facilities

Procedure for GMP Manufacturing Service

  • Researchers who plan for clinical study for cell therapeutics apply for the manufacturing service
  • Committee of GMP manufacturing facility reviews the plan
  • If the plan is accepted, researcher and NCSR makes contract for the manufacturing
  • After review and transfer of manufacturing process, NCSR progresses the process validation and manufacturing

Requirements to Apply

  • Verified data for safety and efficacy of products at GLP facilities
  • The Completed GMP manufacturing process and analytical methods
  • Period of manufacturing processes not exceeding nine (9) months
  • Preparedness to start clinical study within one year after finishing manufacturing of products

Steps to Apply

  1. 1

    By e-mailing,
    Calling or visiting
  2. 2

    Review of utilization plan
  3. 3

    Review and Approval
    Registration and Evaluation
    of Utilization Plan
    (By Review Board Members)
  4. 4

    Contract signing and
    provision of GMP Service
    (Post-monitoring of service goals)

Criteria of Approval

  • Suitability of Utilization Plan
  • Competency of Processing Techniques
  • Possibility of Practical Application
  • Relevance of Outcome Utilization
  • Ripple Effect of Regenerative Medicine

Major GMP Equipment

Major GMP Equipment - Division, Species, Amounts
Division Species Amounts
Utility HVAC System, Gas System, BMS, TMS, PMS, LN2 System, etc. 45
Process BSC, CO2 Incubator, Centrifuge, RP Microscope, CRF, etc. 104
QC Fluorescent Microscope, FACS, Endotoxin Analyser, RT-PCR, Cytometer, NAE, Air Particle Counter, Air Sampler, etc. 70
Storage LN2 Tank, Cell Storage Tank, Deep Freezer, Refrigerator, Freezer, etc. 23
Total 232

Time to Apply

Anytime throughout the year
Please contact the National Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (NCSR)

  • e-mail : jkjung0411@korea.kr
  • Phone : +82-43-249-2533
  • Website : http://nih.go.kr/ncsr
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