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The safety transport management of infectious substances.

Recently, infectious substances are collected and transported for various reasons including disease investigations, clinical trials, surveillance studies, and routine analysis.
As a result, the chances of exposure to infectious substances is increasing. For this reason, we have enacted the “Guidelines for Safe Transport of Infectious Substances (2013)”.
This guideline includes how to pack and transport the infectious substances safely. In 2015, we are still providing the “safe transportation of test referred specimens” service to medical institution, public health agencies. While performing this service, we distributed infectious substances packaging to them. As a result, 10,717 specimens were transported safely. Additionally, we could rapidly perform an infectious disease diagnostic test in the KNIH. Through the establishment of the national safe transportation system of infectious substances, we could prevent the diffusion of infectious diseases.
In 2016, we will revise the “Guidelines for Safe Transport of Infectious Substances” and develop online education programs. Furthermore, we are going to promote the safe transport of infectious
substances and legalize related guidelines for the safe transport of infectious substances.