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National measures regarding the biosafety issues of High-Risk Pathogens (HRPs)

According to the ‘Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act’, the 36 pathogens were designated as HRPs which have potential to pose a serious threat to public health and might be used as bioterrorism agent. MERS-CoV was added to HRPs list on 28 July 2015.
There are requirements for isolation, possession, use, and transfer of HRPs in order to protect public health and safety under the Act.
In 2016, there were 7 permit applications from abroad and notifications of 19 cases in isolation, 14 cases in transfer, and 0 cases in possession of HRPs in accordance with the law.

Table 1. The number of permit application and notification cases in 2016
No. of Permit Application cases No. of Notification cases Total
Isolation Transfer Possession
7 19 14 0 40

The DBEC carried out annual inspection on the biosafety and biosecurity management in 42 institutions that possess and handle HRPs. To provide information on biosafety and biosecurity and training opportunities, the DBEC held the 4th Conference for the Biosafety and Biosecurity Management. In addition, the DBEC published “Guideline for handling requirement and possession of HRP” for the safe practices and security in the handling of HRPs.
To boost the morale of individuals and institutions who possess and handle HRPs and run containment facilities in the appropriate manner, the Ministry of Health and Welfare rewarded superior institutes and biosafety managers.