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Chungbuk National University Hospital

Chungbuk National University Hospital (CBNUH)

Hospital Introduction

Chungbuk National University Hospital Photo & logo

CBNUH aims to contribute to advances in the medical field by efficiently collecting, managing, and distributing human bioresources.
CBNUH was the first national medical school and associated hospital to be founded in Chungcheongbuk-do. It was opened in 1991 with the warm wishes and support of the community and a determination to improve the health and extend the lives of the province's residents. Through its tireless efforts to contribute to improving the health of the nation, the hospital's 1,100 staff members treat an average of 2,000 outpatients and 600 inpatients everyday with care and consideration. It has 616 beds.
At present, CBNUH has changed from a hospital that improves the health of the local population and provides quality medical services to a specialized national university hospital in the heart of the country. As all the hospital staff members eagerly await its 100 years in service, they are prepared to commit the highest effort to make CBNUH a hospital that can lead the country's population to a higher level of health.

Bank Introduction

Chungbuk National University Hospital Photo

Given its location, the CBNUH Biobank receives the heavy influx of patients to the capital. Hence, compared with other large regional hospitals, CBNUH relatively treats more terminal cancer patients seeking anticancer therapy than cancer patients capable of undergoing surgery.
In addition, a large number of non-tumorous diseases, including chronic and degenerative diseases and cardiovascular diseases (i.e., myocardial and cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage), require emergency treatment. CBNUH Biobank specializes in acquiring blood and bodily fluid biospecimens from recurrent and terminal cancer patients. The Biobank collects blood samples from patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, alcohol dependence, and rheumatoid arthritis. It collects bodily fluids from tuberculosis patients, and tissue and blood from a number of solid cancers.
Compared with conventional biobanks that generally collect human bioresources related to the five major cancers, CBNUH Biobank is utilizing existing biospecimens collected by the Urogenitary Department for urogenitary diseases, such as bladder and prostate cancer. Blood and bodily fluids are collected from patients who are hospitalized continually or regularly for non-tumorous (i.e., hepatobiliary diseases) or immune (i.e., allergies) diseases.


  • March 2009: Selection as a Regional Biobank
    Approval for opening of a gene bank
    Start of human bioresources collection for research use
  • January 2010: Selection as a Regional Biobank
  • January 2011: Selection as a Regional Biobank
  • January 2013: Implementation of Phase 2 of the KBP

Status of Human Bioresources

CBNUH Biobank collects human bioresources for research. The collection process includes the segregation of samples between blood (serum, plasma, buffy coat), tissue, bodily fluids (urine, bile, etc.), DNA, and RNA, all subjected to thorough quality control procedures.

Projects and Distribution Results

CBNUH Biobank is working diligently to implement further improvements through agreements with other organizations (PT-REC, etc.). By 2014, it had recorded 33 cases of distribution.

Public Relations and Future Plans

CBNUH Biobank's monthly newsletter, sent via email, is used to increase internal distribution. Moreover, distribution is promoted by supporting the studies of researchers within the hospital. The Biobank is actively publicizing external distribution through ERC. It also distributes an SOP manual and monthly publicity leaflets to research institutes within the Chungcheong area and provides active resource distribution through seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Contact Us

  • Address:
    Chungbuk National University Hospital Biobank, 776 1-Sunhwan-ro (Gaeshin-dong), Seowon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea (35015)
  • E-mail: cbnubiobank@hanmail.net