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Chonbuk National University Hospital

Chonbuk National University Hospital (CBNU)

Hospital Introduction

Chonbuk National University Hospital Photo & logo

Originally Jeonju's Jahye Hospital, founded in 1909, CBNU is currently a major national hospital in the Jeollabuk-do region. With 1,150 beds overall, CBNU boasts of a skilled medical staff that treats 900,000 outpatients and 360,000 inpatients, including performing 17,000 surgeries each year.
CBNU fosters a respect for the value of life and strives to conquer diseases and promote health for all. To become "another center of South Korean medical care," the hospital engages in cutting-edge treatment, creative research, and innovative social responsibilities and volunteer activities. Thus, the hospital has firmly established its status as a top-quality general hospital representing the Jeollabuk-do region.

Bank Introduction

Chonbuk National University Hospital Photo

The CBNU Biobank was designated as a Regional Biobank in March 2008. The CBNU Biobank has since collected various types of human bioresources, but mostly in relation to cancer and non-tumorous diseases. Since 2013, various forms of human bioresources have been collected in pairs, specifically for colorectal, gastric, and lung cancer. By simultaneously collecting clinical and epidemiological data, which are highly useful to research, the CBNU Biobank provides researchers with the high-value human bioresources they need.
All tissue samples are processed within 30 minutes of excision and blood samples within an hour, in accordance with the SOPs for human bioresource collection. By ensuring high-quality human bioresources for distribution to researchers through strict quality control, the CBNU Biobank aims to contribute to the advancement of biomedical research and unraveling human disease through the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


  • March 2008: Selection as a Regional Biobank
  • December 2008: Opening ceremony for the Regional Biobank Approval for opening of gene bank
  • April 2010: Designation as an institution for bioresource donation, registration, and preservation
    by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • November 2011: Multi-institution collaboration agreement (Wonkwang University School of Medicine and Hospital,
    Jeju National University Hospital, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital)
  • January 2013: Selection for Phase 2 as a Regional Biobank

Status of Human Bioresources

By December 2014, the CBNU Biobank had collected a total of 17,050 samples: 11,407 cancer biospecimens, including 4,326 samples related to cancers of the digestive system; 3,146 samples for cancers of the endocrine system; and 1,283 samples for breast cancer. Additionally, 5,643 non-tumorous disease biospecimens had been collected, including 672 and 644 samples related to infectious diseases and mental illnesses, respectively.

Projects and Distribution Results

Until December 2014, 71 cases of distribution (8,249vials) had produced 19 publications, consisting two conference abstracts, one report of study results, and 16 academic papers. These publications include the following: "The DUSP26 Phosphatase Activator Adenylate Kinase 2 Regulates FADD Phosphorylation and Cell Growth," "FIZZ2/RELM-b Induction and Role in Pulmonary Fibrosis," "NDRG2 Correlated With Favorable Recurrence-free Survival Inhibits Metastasis of Mouse Breast Cancer Cells Via Attenuation of Active TGF-β Production," and "Role of Autophagy in Chemoresistance: Regulation of the ATM-mediated DNA-damage Signaling Pathway Through Activation of DNA–PKcs and PARP-1."

Public Relations and Future Plans

The CBNU Biobank collects high-value and high-quality human bioresources through demand-based sample collection and strict quality control. In addition, the state and excellence of collected human bioresources are widely advertised on the website and in newsletters and posters to increase distribution further. The CBNU Biobank also ensures that researchers are able to use the human bioresources easily.

Contact Us

  • Address:
    Biobank, B1F Chonbuk National University Hospital 20 Geonji-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Korea (54907)
  • E-mail: jbnubiobank@hanmail.net