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Therapeutic molecules database that is prion diseases-associated, THERPA

'THERPA is a public small molecule database related to prion protein regulation and prion disease progression. THERPA sounds similar to “Sherpa”, the people who serve as guides or assistants for climbers of Mount Everest’

Prion diseases are rare, fatal, neurodegenerative disorders that affect humans and animals. The pathology of prion diseases is characterized by abnormal accumulation of misfolding prion protein (PrPSc), affecting the central nervous system. Despite the efforts till date to attenuate and cure prion diseases progression, no effective therapy has been realized. Small molecules that interact with proteins influence the biological processes in living organisms. These molecules have been used to attenuate and treat some diseases and bacterial infections. Various small molecules have been used to inhibit PrPSc accumulation or to cure prion diseases. Collecting information and integrated interpretation of these small molecules is important to better understand the complicated mechanisms of prion diseases and to identify new treatments. Thus, we built a therapeutic molecules database that is prion diseases-associated (THERPA).

THERPA- Therapeutic molecules database associated with prion diseases www.nih.go.kr/therpa