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Clinical Research Education Program

The NCRC also provides an online education program (http://edu.kdca.go.kr), which is intended to help researchers design and conduct clinical research more efficiently. The program consists of 6 courses: (1) Introduction to clinical research (ethics, laws, and regulations), (2) Clinical research design, (3) Clinical research data and statistical analysis, (4) Data cleaning and validation in clinicaltrials, (5) Electronic data management in clinical trials, and (6) iCReaT user training. During 2015, a total of 16,690 researchers were registered for these courses and 14,541 of them completed their courses.

We will establish infrastructure for the virtuous circle of medical science knowledge and resources through a year-round supporting system, including CRIS and iCReaT, to manage governmentfunded clinical research further efficiently. Since the grant guidelines made it mandatory to register clinical research with CRIS and use iCReaT for some types of research, we expect that additional clinical research will be registered with our system. For user’s convenience, we will continuously update our system and keep it performing at its best. Also, we will establish a more concrete legal basis for the registration of clinical research, which covers more research and requires the registration not only of the information at the commencement of the project, but also of the results upon completion.