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Korean Reference Genome Database (KRGDB)

The KRG database currently contains common variants (alternative allele frequency >= 1%) and rare variants. We support Reference gene and Ensenble gene information panels, alternative AFD with other population, and additional information. Figure 1 shows the simple result of KRGDB browser. The mandatory system inputs are chromosome number, the start/end position of desiring region, width size (pixel) of graphic charts, and user-chosen optional tracks. The current viewing region jumps to wherever user clicks the any position of the current cytoband ideogram image, having a default range of 10 thousand base pairs (maximum 1 million base pairs range). The red vertical bar - actually, it is a rectangle which represents the area, but it looks like a vertical bar when viewing region is quite narrow - on the cytoband ideogram indicates the current viewing region. Users move current viewing region using navigation buttons as well, such as zoom in/out, left/right (slightly) shift, and paging left/right regions. The graphical charts visualizing variant regions and SNVs are implemented by pure Java2D graphic library and Java Beans technology.

KRGDB Browser

Figure 1. KRGDB browser