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Korean Genome Sequencing

We have conducted the whole genome sequencing for 622 Korean individuals and identified more than 27 million SNVs from our population. At the end of 2014, an additional 1,100 samples were sequenced, and the sequenced genome data passed the quality standards (mapping coverage depth: 30X, each read length > 100). These sequenced genome data are currently under intensive analysis including quality control, variant calling, and haplotype phasing. The results of the analysis of 1,100 genome sequences will be merged with the KRGDB. The analysis of these 622 genome sequences and 1,100 genome sequences will empower us to discover Korean specific biomarkers and study genetic diseases relevant to the Korean population. The whole genome variants of 622 individuals are summarized in Table 1 and merged into the KRG database and displayed in the browser.
Table 1. The summary of discovered variants of 622 individuals