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Our Vision and Goals

The vision of the Korea National Institute of Health is to meet the commitment to better health. To bring the vision to life, the KNIH seeks to achieve three goals in infectious disease research, chronic disease research, and genome research. We make unwavering efforts to secure research and technological capabilities to help eradicate infectious diseases; conduct national research to extend health plan; and strengthen public health to realize precision medicine’s promise.

Center for Infectious Diseases Research

  • Better understand pathogenesis of infectious agents
  • Investigate biological characteristics of pathogens
  • Treat and prevent infectious diseases
  • Collect pathogenic resources in Korea and prepare a relevant bill
  • Build and operate the Vaccine Research Center

Center for Biomedical Sciences

  • Survey and analyze risk factors for chronic diseases (cohort)
  • Develop disease indexes and secure the foundation for treatment techniques
  • Build the foundation for research on women’s health and produce evidence
  • Build the infrastructure for research on stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • Research and support rare diseases (building networks)

Center for Genome Science

  • Conduct epidemiological investigations of Korean genomes (six cohorts of 240,000 population)
  • Operate the National Biobank of Korea (380,000 population)
  • Conduct research on Korean genomes for Precision Medicine
  • Produce genomic information on around 200,000 population until 2018
  • Collect data on health and medical research (National Center for Medical Information and Knowledge)
  • Build the foundation for bioethics: strengthening inspection by reviewing institutions and the IRB code of ethics